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Stephen Filler

There's lots of interesting stuff floating around the blogosphere about the Nukak and the NY Times article, including Evolution Shift's musings about the Times quote that one of the Nukak's said: “The future, what’s that?” http://www.evolutionshift.com/blog/2006/05/12/a-truly-great-question/

There can really be no doubt that the Nukak saw the future in the jungle and they knew it was bleak -- that's why people move. As the Times said, they left probably because of the encroachments of the rest of the world - the coca growers, the marxist guerillas.

As some of the last hunter gatherers disappear from the earth, we realize from this story a loss of self sufficiency and independence — not just for the Nukak, but for all of us. Our biosphere is shrinking, our people more interdependent — and the need, and therefore the opportunity, to work together to revitalize the planet, our jungle, have never been greater.

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